Why work with NTRNZ casting?

The company behind NTRNZ casting, NTRNZ media, is a creative house founded in Northern Finland, with a northern heart. Our impressive experience in various, award-winning domestic and global productions are tokens of our know-how in production and our expertise in recognising the changing casting needs.

Does NTRNZ casting operate everywhere in Finland?

We’re experts in northern locations with a steady and growing foothold in Helsinki. We know Finland from south to north, we know about life inside and outside of the Capital area. This is why we can offer casting services regardless of your location – we help productions and performers find each other everywhere in Finland.

What does NTRNZ media offer?

We offer casting services for production companies and ad agencies for all kinds of productions, tailored to unique needs. Our casting register includes people looking for an acting role, voice actors, extras, models, dance artists and other skilled performers with different levels of experience, from all over Finland.

Do I get a compensation if I am casted?

A fair and just compensation for any work through NTRNZ casting is a part of our values. We prefer billing. Using a billing service does not require you to have a business ID: billing is offered by various billing service providers for part-time entrepreneurs as well. If needed, your fee may be paid as salary if you provide your tax card. In this case, necessary employer costs are deducted.

How can I update my applicant profile?

Send your pictures, reference links and/or other information to be updated via email to
casting@ntrnz.com with “Register update” in the subject line.