Terms of service

I agree to the data I send to be used in casting for advertising and tv productions by NTRNZ casting and NTRNZ media Ltd, and to NTRNZ casting and NTRNZ media Ltd sending me casting and audition invitations via email and phone. I may also be sent information about casting decisions and company operations in the form of a newsletter, for example.

The newsletter can be cancelled at any time by clicking a link included in every letter.

Joining the casting register does not obligate me to participate in advertising or tv productions, and NTRNZ casting or NTRNZ media Ltd are not obligated to cast me in their advertising or tv productions.

The data is stored in the register until further notice and the person who has joined the register may at any time request the deletion of the data.

A person under the age of 18 may only join the register with the consent of their legal guardian.

I certify that I do not have a criminal record.

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