When the going gets tough the tough get going

NTRNZ media Ltd has acquired the business of Luova toimisto Ranka and opens Helsinki office

Award-winning creative house NTRNZ media Ltd has strengthened its strategic competence by acquiring the business of Luova toimisto Ranka Ltd. Both companies are based in Oulu, Northern Finland. The company is also about to spread its operations to the capital area as its new office opens in Helsinki in May.

In connection with the acquisition, Ranka CEO Juhani Parhiala starts as the Head of Strategy at NTRNZ media. In March, the NTRNZ media team was strengthened by Creative Director Pia Grekula, with background and experience from agencies like Bob the Robot and TBWA.

Pia Grekula, Teemu Hostikka, Hanna Mustonen and Juhani Parhiala shake hands online, as appropriate.

It’s time to blow up the traditional way we think about content production and marketing. We’re building a completely new type of creative agency, that does not fit into any known pattern or business model. This way, we’re able to serve our customers in the best way possible and create bigger, higher-quality content entities.

Founder and Executive Creative Director Teemu Hostikka

The business acquisition combines the core competencies of two Northern Finnish companies: powerful visuality, meaningful content production and strategic planning. The team thinks that it’s about time customers wake up and invest in new, innovative ideas. 

In this difficult time when people, companies and society are looking for a direction, we need someone to lead the way. I’ve never been comfortable with the ad industry business logic. With NTRNZ media, we decided to take a big step and form a team that has the means to change the industry’s logic as a whole. This team is able to deliver new type of productions that exceed any international quality standard and that are intellectually sustainable and profitable. And we will.

Director of Strategy Juhani Parhiala

NTRNZ Helsinki – a foothold in the Capital area

NTRNZ media opens an office in the Finnish Capital Helsinki at the beginning of May. The new unit is lead by Creative Director Pia Grekula, who has won dozens of prestigious advertising awards. Her latest projects include the ”Long Shot” campaign for Hartwall, directed by Renny Harlin, and the most visible campaigns of recent years for VR and Stockmann, for example.

To me, NTRNZ media’s content and format know-how is a truly differentiating factor. Traditional production companies do not offer ad agency services, and on the other hand, a traditional ad agency does not have know-how in formats. NTRNZ’s extensive experience of both as well as their international merits open up the possibility to create completely new content formats for our advertising agency customers as well.

Creative Director Pia Grekula

NTRNZ media is a creative house that has won the Finnish Television Academy Golden Venla award three times. The company’s series are distributed globally and it has multiple ongoing international productions and collaboration agreements with prominent international TV and film distribution companies.

I’m proud to lead a company that under one roof, combines online stores, visuality and cross-media concepts into seamless entities, and takes a bold step forward in this challenging situation.

CEO Hanna Mustonen

More information:

Teemu Hostikka
+358 45 639 8664

Juhani Parhiala
+358 50 343 4967

Pia Grekula
+358 50 361 9660

Hanna Mustonen
+358 45 634 3073


NTRNZ media is an award-winning creative house specialised in content production and marketing. The company is best known for the tv series Eränkävijät (Love of the Wild), as well as being the marketing partner of many known brands such as Visit Kalajoki, Oulun Kärpät Hockey Team, Northern Finland’s biggest festival Qstock, Europcar, Biltema, Bittium and the University of Oulu. 

Luova toimisto Ranka, founded in 2014, is a creative agency focused on marketing strategies and ad agency services. Its customers include student housing association Pohjois-Suomen opiskelija-asuntosäätiö, Pudasjärvi Development Ltd and Visit Oulu.