For us at NTRNZ media, responsibility is a fundamental value. It is an essential part of our business and strategy. It is a force driving us forward and the reason we exist.

Environmental responsibility

As a token of our sustainable operations we have been granted the WWF Green Office environmental certificate. We are committed to being carbon neutral in 2025 and carbon negative in 2030. We have also reviewed the sustainability of our TV and format productions by participating in the albert environmental management system trainings and by taking into use the tools it provides.

Concrete actions we take for environmental responsibility:

  • We minimise flights and aim for more sustainable work trips and commuting in general.
  • We offer vegan, vegetarian or local food in our company gatherings.
  • We encourage our employees to make sustainable choices by communicating about them and organising various campaigns.
  • We monitor our energy consumption and aim at reducing it.
  • We offer our clients responsible marketing as a service.
  • We aim at minimising print in our productions and designing scalable, well-founded marketing.
  • We create TV content and formats with ecological impact.
  • We do not work for clients that operate unecologically.
  • We aim at being an inspiration and an example of operating sustainably in marketing and media.

Social responsibility

For us, social responsibility is caring about people. We invest in the well-being and self-development of our employees.

Concrete actions we take for social responsibility:

  • We act with equality and tolerance.
  • We treat each other with fairness, kindness and respect. We expect similar behaviour from our customers and partners.
  • Regular development discussions and satisfaction surveys promote the well-being and competence development of the work community.
  • We offer a choice of when and where you work, for example by offering you the opportunity to work shorter hours or to work from a different location.
  • We have a low hierarchy between management and staff.
  • We have elected a shop steward from among our staff.
  • We encourage everyone to develop and maintain their skills through courses, events and studying.
  • We involve and encourage all employees in the development of our activities.
  • We provide more extensive occupational health care than is required by law and support hobbies through employment benefits.

Economic responsibility

Economic responsibility usually refers to good governance and reliability. Well-planned business is also economically viable.

Concrete actions we take for economic responsibility:

  • We invest in work efficiency by developing our working methods and maintaining our skills.
  • We act in accordance with laws and contracts.
  • We are a reliable partner.
  • Our business is profitable.
  • We are a fully Finnish-owned company and pay taxes in Finland.
  • All our owners are actively involved in the company’s operations and development.

Carbon dioxide emissions in 2022 estimated* at
23.25 tCO₂

*Calculated with the WWF Green Office climate calculator

Our emissions target:

Carbon Neutral 2025
Carbon Negative 2030