The Many Faces of European Nature: Award-winning TV format introduces six nature lovers across the continent

Love of the Wild – From the Alps to the Arctic follows the lives of a Norwegian heavy metal Viking, a young Austrian falconer, a mountain guide in the Italian Alps, a Russian gamekeeper, and a Finnish fishing guide couple.

A mountain guide working in altitudes that make your heart skip a beat. The relationship of a hunting falcon and his human. The lonely gamekeeper in Russia taking care of his animals – both wild and domestic. A fishing guide couple finding their way through the arctic wilderness with no roads. A heavy metal Viking tamed by the greatness of nature.

Stefano Percino with his friend and colleague Patrick Chasseur in Antagnod, Italy.

The new series by NTRNZ Media, the creators of the multiple-award-winning Finnish TV format Eränkävijät (Love of the Wild) presents people from different corners of Europe, living next to the most amazing natural sites. They are different in many ways but have a shared passion: nature. For all of them, pure and healthy nature is a necessity, for their livelihood, profession and wellbeing. The series follows the main characters’ days from dusk till dawn and through all four seasons in the amazing landscapes of Italy, Norway, Russian Karelia, Austria and Finland.

When nature is your home: Meet Stefano, Doris, Viktor, Morgan, Aki, Emilia and Äijä

The Alps are the home of mountain guide Stefano Percino from Val d’Ayas, Italy. Watching his everyday life and work in the Monte Rosa takes the viewer’s breath away – in 4000 metres life is sometimes hanging by a thread.

Stefano Percino watches over the clouds in the Ayas.

Doris Hiebeler from St. Leonhard, Austria has been working with her closest companions since she was 4 years old. She is a falconer, and in her game, the key is not high-tech equipment but cooperation with an intelligent, sensitive fellow species whose trust and acceptance must be earned. 

Doris Hiebeler with her mother’s eagle, Atila.

Viktor Iljin from Vidliza, Karelia opens a door to a different kind of Russia. The retired mechanic, lawyer and police chief lives by the great Lake Ladoga with his dogs. As gamekeeper, Viktor travels long distances alone in the wilderness, looking for poachers and keeping an eye on the game populations.

Viktor Iljin repairing his loyal companion, a snowmobile from 1989.

In Norway, we meet Morgan Vikne from Børve. He talks and wears heavy metal, but needs nature to calm down. He takes the viewer in the fjords on his fishing boat and in the highlands on horseback. Behind his jokes and big talk, Morgan is worried about the youth losing their connection to nature.

Morgan Vikne and Tone Juell Hope boating in Børve, Norway.

Aki Huhtanen, Emilia Laitinen and Äijä the dog from the original Finnish series take us to the hidden villages in northernmost Lapland, where no roads lead. The fishing waters are untouched, and so is the hustle and bustle of modern society.

Aki Huhtanen and Äijä the dog playing in the Swedish wilderness.

The original highly successful Finnish format Eränkävijät is a two-time winner of the Finnish Television Academy’s Golden Venla award and is a finalist again in the 2019 awards. The first 3 seasons of the original series have been sold to over 30 countries. Season 4 just finished airing on Finnish TV.

– Transforming the format into an international series was a giant scaling effort in every aspect. To our surprise, we quickly noticed that despite the fact that they live thousands of kilometres apart in different cultures, our main characters share the same values and concerns for the wellbeing of Earth, our common home planet.

Showrunner, screenwriter and producer Teemu Hostikka

International, award-winning production team

The production team comprises renown international cinematography professionals, with expertise in shooting in demanding mountain conditions, alongside the award-winning Finnish team behind the original series. 

Guido Perrini is known as the director and cinematographer of renowned freeskiing movies La Liste (Red Bull media house), Degrees North with Xavier De La Rue and Deeper by Jeremy Jones.  Tero Repo is one of the most successful Finnish mountain skiing/snowboarding photographers who currently lives in Switzerland. Repo has worked with Perrini in Degrees North and La Liste, and also for brands like The North Face, Swatch, Mammut, BBC, National Geographic and Red Bull.

Stefano Percino teaching his apprentices the secrets of moving about in the mountains.

Love of the Wild – From the Alps to the Arctic is distributed by NordicWorld, the leading Scandinavian distributor of tv rights, through which tv content produced in Scandinavia is distributed worldwide. The first season airs on Finnish TV on December 29th.


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NTRNZ media is a creative house specialised in content production and marketing. One of our core values is respect for pure Northern nature. NTRNZ media is best known for the tv series Eränkävijät (Love of the Wild), as well as being the marketing partner of many known brands and Northern Finnish companies, such as Visit Kalajoki, Oulun Kärpät Hockey Team and Qstock festival. 

Eränkävijät (Love of the Wild) seasons 1-3 have been sold to 30 countries already. The series is the first nature program and the first series produced in Northern Finland awarded with the Finnish TV academy’s Golden Venla award: Best TV show 2017 and Best Performer 2018. 

NordicWorld is the leading Nordic distributor of tv rights, through which tv content produced in Scandinavia is distributed worldwide.