NordicWorld, the leading Nordic distributor of TV rights has signed a global deal to distribute two seasons of Love of the Wild – From the Alps to the Arctic. The series is produced by NTRNZ media, the creator of Love of the Wild (Eränkävijät), two-time winner of the Golden Venla award granted by the Finnish Television Academy. The Finnish rights remain with the Finnish broadcasting company YLE.

– The international production of Love of the Wild is opening doors for Finnish content globally. This international distribution deal gives us confidence in the global reach of Finnish non-fiction content, following the drama content that already made it. We want to do our part to make this pioneering work possible, says Timo Järvi of YLE, the original buyer of the series.

– NordicWorld is proud to be chosen as the worldwide distribution partner for this very exciting and extremely high-quality production. We are all about local production – global reach! This is a brilliant example of just this. The best of the Nordic region, says Espen Huseby, President & CEO of NordicWorld.

Europe’s most amazing nature sites on display

The series has been filmed since autumn 2018 in six different European countries, from the Alps all the way to the Arctic regions. The main characters come from five different countries, and they live close to the most unique nature sites: the biggest mountains and lakes, northernmost wilderness areas, vastest highlands and rainiest places in Europe. The main characters share a love for nature and a lifestyle that is dependent on the wellbeing of Earth, our common home planet.

– I am very glad that we found NordicWorld, among many candidates, to distribute the series. They understand both the commercial potential and the values of the series content-wise, says the creator and executive producer of the series, founder of NTRNZ media Teemu Hostikka.

A major party involved in the funding of the series is private equity investor for media content, IPR.VC, which was impressed by the international potential of the series from the beginning.

– Nature is true premium content, that grows in value as people realise what’s happening to our environment and what lack of nature does to us. Nature does not need to be staged. Love of the Wild delivers powerful content which we believe speaks to people across the globe, says Tanu-Matti Tuominen, founder and partner of IPR.VC

Uncompromised quality from an award-winning team

Love of the Wild – From the Alps to the Arctic is filmed entirely in 4K. So in addition to boasting amazing nature imagery, the series’ production is technically top-notch.

Golden Venla award winners for Best Performer 2018, Aki Huhtanen and Äijä the dog from the original Finnish series are among the main characters in the international version. The production team consists mainly of the original, experienced Finnish team, from cameramen to editors and post-production. In addition, experienced cameramen, used to the demanding mountain conditions have joined the international production team.

The series premieres in Finland on December 29th on Yle TV1 and the Yle Areena streaming service.

NTRNZ media is a creative agency specialised in content production and marketing. One of our core values is the respect for pure Northern nature. NTRNZ media is best known for the TV series Eränkävijät (Love of the Wild), as well as being the marketing partner of many known brands and Northern Finnish companies, such as Visit Kalajoki, Oulun Kärpät Hockey Team and Qstock. 

Eränkävijät (Love of the Wild) seasons 1-3 have been sold to 30 countries already. The fourth season starts on September 29th on Yle TV1 and Yle Areena. The series is the first nature program and the first series produced in Northern Finland awarded with the Finnish TV academy’s Golden Venla award: Best TV show 2017 and Best Performer 2018.

NordicWorld is the leading Nordic distributor of TV rights, through which tv content produced in Scandinavia is distributed worldwide.

IPR.VC is a venture investor focused on media content. 

For more information, contact:

Teemu Hostikka
+358 45 639 8664
NTRNZ media Oy

Timo Järvi
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Espen Huseby
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Tanu-Matti Tuominen
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