Formats and series

Entertainment with Value

TV/VOD formats & series for all platforms

We create phenomena. We tell stories and communicate messages in video format in all platforms. What really inspires us is content that has an entertaining or marketing purpose but also carries a deeper meaning. We produce everything from TV series to live sports broadcasts, social media content and short movies.

Branded Content


Branded content for all platforms

Stories spark imagination, and imagination is an essential element of a brand. In the social media age, your target group is also building an image of itself with the content it shares. You need to build your brand to be an example of your target group or a messenger of their values. We help you achieve this with long-term and systematic branded content design and production.

Brand creation

Visual Expression

Brand Strategy with Creative marketing

We design the brand strategy and visual marketing materials for international brands, with years of experience. We manage the visual marketing entirety: from video production to webistes, logos, brochures and trade fair stands.

Online services

Digital Experience

Digital presence with Websites, Online stores, Apps & Live streams

An ever-increasing amount of business takes place online. We create websites that keep our clients on the crest of the online presence wave. We combine our visual expertise with the latest online technologies and e-commerce solutions to provide an entirety that is second to none. Our hardcore coding experts also have Google AdWords Search Engine Optimisation Certificates.