Brand creation

The Student Housing Foundation of Northern Finland, PSOAS, has been our client for several years. Although the marketing may seem like it’s all fun and games, it all has a strategic, trust-based foundation built on years of work. That’s why PSOAS productions are so relaxed – in the long run, you know what the other likes. PSOAS is an excellent example of a versatile regular client.

Regional profiling


We and PSOAS find living in ‘Omega’ or ‘Matruusi’ much more fun than in ‘Yliopistokatu 38’ or ‘Paalikatu 14’. And of course, it’s even more fun that Omega has Delta next door and Matruusi has Seilori as a friend. In the area profiling, each PSOAS housing cluster has been designed with its own spirit, which includes a thematic concept with visual symbols and house names that match the theme. For Meri-Toppila, it’s natural to have a maritime spirit, and for the houses next to the university, a reference to the Greek alphabet, familiar from the world of science.


Our newest flagship in regional profiling has been the communications and marketing productions for the PSOAS UNO tower house. The 16-storey UNO student tower, a landmark that has risen to a prominent position on the motorway, has been brought to the attention of students and others in many different ways. The marketing communication has been based on the house’s branding, expressed as a logo, a large illuminated sign, and outdoor and internal signage. Every communicative element at UNO, from the tape on the washing machines to the branding, is a carefully considered part of the brand.

The digital communication for the brand has taken the form of articles, participatory social media competitions, social media ads, and content. 

PSOAS UNO auringonlaskussa

PSOAS UNO teippaukset

PSOAS UNOn hissikyltti


A regular, annual photo competition to find spectacular shots of student apartments for their website presentations also builds PSOAS’ brand as a landlord whose apartments are so nice that they are worth decorating. The online-only Kuvakämppänjä event has a new, unique visual and communication concept every year, but the basic principle and functionality are the same. Residents post pictures of their homes, followers vote, the one with the most votes wins something nice and the voters are entered into a prize draw for something else. PSOAS gets a pile of representative photos of its homes to reach out to new residents.

Exchange student instructions

Sometimes misunderstandings can arise when cultures meet. When many practices in Finland don’t exist in other countries – like taking a sauna – it’s not necessarily clear to everyone how things work. That’s why it’s good to give instructions! For example, there are instructions for exchange students on how to take a sauna or sort waste. But in tPSOAS, the instructions are not just a sheet of A4 paper with rules and prohibitions. At PSOAS, it is a hilarious series of illustrative pictures and instructions, in the visual style familiar from aeroplanes, which not only make you laugh but also convey important information.


For the bicycles used by residents, we’ve done basic communication planning, visual design, as well as signage or other individual productions as required. Most recently, we designed materials to help students mark bikes that need maintenance.

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