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Untold Arctic Wars is a series commissioned by the Finnish Broadcasting company Yle. In six episodes, the series reveals the events of the Second World War from the point of view of the Arctic areas.

Untold Arctic Wars got its world premiere on the Finnish channel Yle Tv1 in February 2022. Before the series was even finished, it was also sold to Sweden, Norway and Denmark. It is being internationally distributed by TVF International, the largest distribution company in the UK. The Walt Disney Company bought the series for its National Geographic channel before any of the episodes had even aired.

The series features about 30 international experts from across Europe. The episodes handle the events of the world war from the perspective of natural resources, weather conditions, terrain, equipment, journalistic propaganda and psychological factors, among other things. The series also follows real field studies where multiple new and significant findings are made.

Untold Arctic Wars is produced and written by Teemu Hostikka and Anna-Reeta Eksymä. The main history experts are Mika Kulju and Lars Gyllenhaal and the series is narrated by Peter Franzén. The team’s level of professionalism is evident in the quality throughout.

Visuality of The Series

What is remarkably fresh about this war documentary series is not only the tone of the narrative, but also the visuality. The maps and animated archive photos converted to 3D bring the historical facts genuinely closer to the viewer. A lot of time and effort was invested in them: animation guru Riku Paaso spent two years creating the animated maps alone.

The first episode got over 300 000 uploads in one week on the Yle Areena streaming service. The TV premiere had over 450 000 viewers.

Teemu Hostikka
Teemu Hostikka



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Anna-Reeta Eksymä


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