The new international war documentary series is distributed by four Nordic broadcasting companies. ”Untold Arctic Wars” is a series about the least known battles of World War II.

Award-winning production house NTRNZ media has started the production of a new, six-part documentary series about battles in the Arctic areas during the second World War. Distribution rights have already been sold to Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Filming begins in summer 2020 and takes place in Finland and Europe, as well as North America.

The battles in the Arctic areas have never been covered on this scale. The general public has not known about the impact they had on world history. I also think it’s important to remind people about the most violent war in human history so that history will never repeat itself.

Executive producer Teemu Hostikka

The series is written by the renowned Finnish war author Mika Kulju and respected Swedish war historian, Lars Gyllenhaal. Both have written several books about battles in the northern areas. The series is narrated by actor Peter Franzén.

World War Two was more Arctic than most people are aware of. The Arctic is getting more and more important, not least because of climate change. Thus the amazing operations that took place up here are both exciting and important to learn about.

Lars Gyllenhaal

Several battlefields in the Arctic areas have remained almost untouched. The series gives new, international perspectives to the battles that took place in Finland – such as the Raate road battle – and gives the viewer an opportunity to travel through time, into history.

Mika Kulju

The ambitious documentary series has already evoked international attention. In Finland, the series is broadcasted by the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle.

This is a very significant project. In addition to high-quality drama series, international streaming services are investing in documentary series. To respond to this challenge we need series with many different partners and investors. This one is backed by all the broadcasting companies in the Nordics, except Iceland. The quality must, of course, be high, and NTRNZ has already proven its ability to produce international quality.

Ari Ylä-Anttila, Commissioner, Yle

The production is expected to be completed at the end of 2021.

NTRNZ media is a creative house specialised in content production and marketing. One of our core values is respect for pure Northern nature. NTRNZ media is best known for the tv series Eränkävijät (Love of the Wild), as well as being the marketing partner of many Northern Finnish tourism operators and known brands, such as the Oulun Kärpät Hockey Team and the biggest rock festival in northern Finland, Qstock. 

Mika Kulju is an expert in Northern Finland’s war history. He has written 25 nonfiction books, 10 of which deal with northern war history. His latest book about the Winter war in Lapland (Kaksintaistelu lumessa – Lapin talvisota 1939) was published by Gummerus in 2019.

Lars Gyllenhaal is a Swedish author who writes about military history and in particular, about Swedish involvement in the wars of the 20th century. 


Teemu Hostikka
Teemu Hostikka