Three-time-Grammy-winner, world’s most renowned modern pop music string arranger Davide Rossi, the man behind string arrangements for Coldplay, The Verve and Alicia Keys, joins Finnish indie artist IRENE in her new song Wars Untold. The song is the theme song for NTRNZ media’s new international war documentary series Untold Arctic Wars. The project got the international star immediately interested and he joined the production without a second thought.

I had the pleasure to co-write and arrange the theme song for the series. The project was really interesting throughout and and I’m grateful for producer Noah Rosanes for asking me to join in.

Davide Rossi, composer and string arranger

Roots in Northern Finland

Untold Arctic Wars reveals the least known events of World War II in the Arctic area. The series has been sold to Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, an it’s predicted to be an international hit. People behind the series, including the composer and performer of the theme song IRENE, all have strong connections to the north.

I was born and raised in Sea Lapland and my roots are deep in the northern soil. This song is my attempt to give a voice to the northern souls, whose destinies and traumas have not been written in history books – or have been silenced to death. I feel that this series is healing and cleansing for the northern area. It’s been a unique experience to be part of something this important.

IRENE, artist, composer, producer and songwriter

Untold Arctic Wars premieres on February 14th on Yle Areena and IRENE’s Wars Untold is released ten days prior, Friday February 4th, on Yle Areena, Yle TV1 and streaming platforms. The documentary series is described as an event, and something everyone should watch.

I started composing the song in the summer of 2020, when I discovered I was pregnant. I thought about my own place in the chain of generations and how our grandparents’ war traumas live in all of us descendants. What was born was a song that brutally describes what happens if humankind does not learn from its mistakes but lets war history repeat itself.

IRENE, artist, composer, producer and songwriter

Check out the video for Wars Untold: