Life in the Wilderness

Love of the Wild – From the Alps to the Arctic follows the lives of five passionate nature lovers in different corners of Europe through all four seasons. The series introduces European nature, a natural way of life and cultural variations more impressively and extensively than any series before.

The main characters all live and breathe through nature, even though they come from very different surroundings. As we see concrete signs of climate change on the Alpine glaciers, also the characters in the delicate Arctic region cherish their fragile environment. And while there is a battle going on with extreme weather conditions in the coast of the Atlantic ocean, our Central European protagonists strive to maintain traditions that date back thousands of years. A dependence on wilderness is seen perhaps most concretely in Eastern Europe, where nature has provided the means for living for a long time.

Love of the Wild – From the Alps to the Arctic follows the main characters through all four seasons, presenting the big variation within nature and between people’s ways of life throughout Europe. Clean and healthy nature is a must for all the characters because of their livelihoods as well as hobbies.

The main characters come from five different countries, covering all of Europe from the Alps to the Arctic. The series is produced by NTRNZ Media, the company behind the award-winning Finnish original version of Love of the Wild (Eränkävijät).


Season 1 premieres in 2019 in Finland
Season 2 premieres in 2021 in Finland
Season 1: 6 x 52 min
Season 2: 6 x 52 min
Format: 4K
Language: Multilanguage
Broadcaster: YLE