A television series about nature and wilderness culture in Finland.

Love of the Wild was the first full TV series produced by NTRNZ media Ltd, and in 2015-2016 the biggest project we had. The series turned out to be a success story right from the beginning. It is something that has never been seen before in northern Finnish content production.

Love of the Wild is a 12-part reality/lifestyle series commissioned by Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE. It depicts a nature-loving lifestyle and modern-day hunting and fishing in the wild.

The first season was broadcast on YLE’s TV1 in autumn 2016. Each episode of the series was watched by an average of 15% of Finland’s population (Online Areena service + television). Each episode shown on YLE’s TV1 on Sunday evening managed to attract an average of 10% of Finland`s population.

The first season is sold world wide to over 30 countries by YLE Sales.

Premiered in autumn 2016
12 x 28 min
Full HD
Language: Finnish, English subtitles
Broadcaster: YLE

Yle Areena, Love of the Wild