NTRNZ media has acquired the rights to produce a documentary series about runners participating in the world’s most demanding running series in collaboration with the Skyrunner World Series.

woman runs down a mountain

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The Skyrunner® World Series is the world’s most demanding, technical, and dangerous running series, with marathon-length races in challenging mountain conditions. The races are characterised not only by distance but also by the altitude of the courses, the differences in elevation, the difficult climbs, and the fact that they are run on all types of terrain, including snow and glaciers.

On this planet, no running circuit is more technical than the Skyrunner World Series. Even after climbing to 4,000 metres, these athletes speed down mountain faces on shaky legs, across a ridge, a void on each side. The top athletes in the Series possess world-class endurance and immense courage.

Etienne Rodriguez, Managing Director, Skyrunner World Series

In 2024, the series consists of 21 races in 14 countries and four continents. The winner of the series will be required to have the technical ability, speed, and intensity to run on any mountain. Hundreds of runners take part each year. The documentary series aims to find out what these people are like.

What kind of people are capable of such superhuman feats of athleticism? Why do they risk their lives on the steepest and highest mountains in the world, mainly for the glory of their community? This is what the series sets out to answer. We follow this group of runners, individuals, and personalities, only a few of whom have a chance to compete for victory.

Teemu Hostikka, Executive Producer, NTRNZ media

woman sits by a wall exhausted from running competition

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The SKYRUNNERS documentary series showcases the athletes’ perseverance and dedication, elevating the Series and the athletes. The ingredients are all there.

Etienne Rodriguez, Managing Director, Skyrunner World Series

The aim is to secure production of the series during 2024, with plans to follow the competitors’ 2025 season. Negotiations with channels and distributors are ongoing. 

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