Oulu-based award-winning operators NTRNZ media ltd and Happia Oy have made a cooperative agreement of producing a new animation series. The series is based on Happia Oy’s educative well-being service that is largely executed by NTRNZ media ltd.

– The adventurous characters of the series, ’The Ömps’, are exploring the world by movement and bodily expression. At the same time they are teaching the skills of emotion, interaction, problem solving and presence to children. Exercising these skills enhances the child’s self-awareness and the sense of involvement in relation to the child’s own environment, says Happia Oy’s CEO Sanna Virtanen.

The series will be marketed not only for Finland but also for international operators. NTRNZ media ltd has recently signed several international TV content agreements. This autumn Happia Oy’s Breikkeri service has been present, for example, on the screens of New York City’s Times Square.

– The series will challenge the traditional idea of the non-inclusive effect of screen content. In fact, it will turn this idea on its head. We will export Finnish early childhood education and Finnish values to the world through the methods developed by Happia, says Teemu Hostikka of NTRNZ media ltd, the producer of the series.