NTRNZ media has made a significant breakthrough to international content markets. Love of the Wild will reach an audience of 30 million in China, and Magic in Lapland becomes available in both North and South America in 2022.

After 11 Golden Venla nominations and four award wins in Finland, NTRNZ media has broken through in international entertainment markets.

Love of the Wild – from the Alps to the Arctic, the international version of award-winning Eränkävijät will be available on the Wasu Group platforms in China in 2022. Wasu has over 30 million cable tv households in 29 provinces in China. They also cover three major telecom operators in China with millions of users. This is a huge opening for us and for this series.

Showrunner, Executive Producer Teemu Hostikka

In Finland, Love of the Wild – from the Alps to the Arctic was nominated in the Best Lifestyle program category in 2019. The second season aired in 2020. Scandinavian’s biggest TV distributor NordicWorld from Norway is selling the series globally.

The original Eränkävijät series is also doing well. We just launched the first six seasons on Norway's new Nature Channel Naturkanal1. It’s proof that the international audience is finally ready to break language boundaries if the content is good and interesting. YLE Sales has been promoting the series for several years and it’s been sold to nearly 40 countries across the globe.

Teemu Hostikka

Magic in Lapland goes Americas

The travel and magic tv show Magic in Lapland, hosted by award-winning magician Henri Kemppainen is also conquering new continents. The series, which combines magical Finnish nature and Henri’s amazing illusions, has already been seen on the TrueVision platform in Asia, the Finnair flight entertainment systems, and in Hungary. Now the series travels across the Atlantic and airs in both North and South America.

Magic in Lapland will be available on the ROKU platform in January 2022. ROKU is the leading platform in Northern America providing ROKU original series on their own channel as well as Netflix and HBO content for millions of Americans.


In addition, DIRECTV, an innovative operator with nearly three decades of experience bought the rights to Magic in Lapland for both North and South America. DIRECTV was one of the first platforms launching 4K back in 2014 and now offers top entertainment for nearly every American.

This is the first time our series is aired in 4K HDR, which gives the Finnish nature and Henri’s amazing magic even more colors and depth. We are excited about this collaboration and are really looking forward to where this all leads us.

Teemu Hostikka

Magic in Lapland is distributed by Hong Kong based Lightning International and has not yet been aired in Finland.

Untold Arctic Wars soon to be launched internationally

NTRNZ media is also finalizing its almost three-year-long production, Untold Arctic Wars – a documentary series about the least known events of WWII in the Arctic areas.

Untold Arctic Wars represents the new generation of war documentaries with new discoveries and high-end graphics, in addition to a large group of international experts. YLE, SVT and NRK have screened the first episodes, and the feedback has been great. It looks like they will all be airing this series in their prime time during 2022. I’m sure we’ll be able to tell more good news closer to the launch.

Teemu Hostikka

Untold Arctic Wars is sold to Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark and the series is distributed globally by UK’s biggest independent distributor TVF international.


NTRNZ media is a creative house focused on content production, whose values ​​are based on the pure nature of the north. NTRNZ media is best known for the four-time Golden Venla award-winner Eränkävijät TV series, as well as its international version Love of the Wild. This year, NTRNZ media is an Agency of the Year 2022 finalist and is also a Golden Venla finalist for the 11th time.


Wasu Digital TV Media Group (Wasu Group) is a state-owned culture media industry group. It is one of the front-running new media development operators in China with about 30 million cable TV household subscribers. Wasu services cover about 100 cities in 29 provinces in China with cable networks as well as the three major telecom operators and several million Internet users. www.wasu.com.cn

ROKU TV is the Number 1 selling smart TV OS in the US. They offer access to streaming media content from various online services. As of August 2021, ROKU has more than 55 million active accounts. ROKU streaming devices are used by millions of consumers in North America, Latin America and in parts of Europe including the UK, Ireland, and France. www.roku.com

DIRECTV has been at the forefront of entertainment for nearly three decades. Since their launch in 1994, DIRECTV has continually evolved their product, best-in-class content and service to provide customers an industry-leading video offering. Over satellite, its customers have access to the industry’s best picture format and exciting content in 4K HDR. www.directv.com