Brand creation

Topi-Keittiöt, one of Finland’s largest fixture manufacturers, wanted to update their brand. With it, their whole marketing strategy was updated.

Founded in Kalajoki in 1939, Topi still designs and manufactures fixtures there. They are an authentic company with character, and know their roots. In our collaboration, kicked off in June 2021, the iconic family business got a new, fresh and clever visual identity, slogan and web page.

And that’s not all: their marketing and communication was updated throughout. We aimed for clear, intuitive materials, messages and way of operating that both their customers and employees would embrace.

As part of their renewal, Topi introduces conceptualized fixture collections. With them, the company not only makes it easier for the client to choose their fixtures, also manifests its know-how in fixed furniture.


We came up with a thorough renewal of their marketing strategy: in the future, fixture sales will be steered towards entities instead of singular cabinet doors and handles. As Topi’s collection becomes more conceptual, the customer can be encouraged and inspired towards choosing fixtures that fit their personality and lifestyle, and adding final customization with interior design or decoration choices.

To match the new strategy, a new message and new ways of communication were intoduced. Topi knows fixtures: what works and what looks good. Fixtures should be long-lasting and easy on the eye. But in the end, they are just fixtures. The customer brings them to life.


Nina Taipaleenmäki
Nina Taipaleenmäki


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