Untold Arctic Wars, produced by NTRNZ Media Oy, has become the most widely distributed Finnish documentary series ever. The latest buyers of the series include the BBC and SBS Australia.

Since its premiere on Finnish YLE and other Nordic countries, Untold Arctic Wars, stories behind the least known events of the Second World War, has been acquired in multiple territories around the globe. Among the first to buy the series were The Walt Disney Company, RTL, Al Jazeera and National Geographic. The series has then spread around the world, covering almost all European countries, the Middle East, South Korea and China, as well as the whole of Latin America.

We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to bring this extraordinary series to viewers across EMEA, South America, Asia, and beyond. Untold Arctic Wars offers a unique perspective on an otherwise well covered subject, as the first documentary to explore the role of the Arctic nations in WWII. The resounding success of this title is a testament to its exceptional quality and undeniable appeal, as evidenced by its outstanding intercontinental sales.

Representative of TVF International's Sales

SBS Channel Manager Natalie Edgar is confident her history-loving audience will respond well to this series.

We broadcast a lot of military history documentaries on SBS but this one is unique – it’s a story not well known in Australia and the producers have done a beautiful job bringing this amazing period of history to life and the years of development from the Finnish producers really shows on the screen.

Natalie Edgar, SBS Channel Manager

Untold Arctic Wars has proven to us that there is a huge international demand for high-quality documentary content, and the Arctic region brings a whole new fresh perspective to many familiar themes. As one of the most northern production companies in Finland, we will use our know-how to develop, and produce, top-notch content appreciating this region.

Teemu Hostikka, Executive producer

As Untold Arctic Wars depicts Arctic war history around the world, NTRNZ Media is preparing a sequel to the series. Conflicts in the Arctic will be addressed in the new documentary series Untold Arctic Wars – The Cold War, which unearths unprecedented facts about the role of the Arctic region during The Cold War.

We were surprised to find out how big of a role the Arctic has played in this decades-long era of competition between the great powers. Big themes such as nuclear weapons, missiles, intelligence, and nuclear war scenarios were a significant part of the everyday life of the Cold War in the northern region.

Anna-Reeta Eksymä, Scriptwriter

Untold Arctic Wars is a Yle Original series produced by NTRNZ media. The first season focuses on the events of World War II from an arctic perspective. The series features nearly 30 international experts. Maps and archival images converted to 3D bring the historical facts closer to the viewer. The series has been sold to YLE, The Walt Disney, iQiyi, ERR, Al Jazeera, FTV Prima, National Geographic, Polast, LNK TV, Bytedancem SBS Korea, TVP, RUV, RTL, SBS, BBC Alba, A&E Ole Networks, Histoire, NRK, SVT ja DR.  It is distributed by TVF international (UK). The series won the Best History Documentary main prize in the 2022 World Media Festival – Television & Corporate Media Awards and was a finalist at the Berlin International TV Festival. The production of the second season is underway.


NTRNZ media Oy is a creative house focused on content production, whose values ​​are based on the pure nature of the north. NTRNZ media is best known for the three Golden Venla award-winning Eränkävijät TV series, as well as its international version Love of the Wild.