NTRNZ’s acclaimed new generation war documentary series Untold Arctic Wars will reach an audience of millions in both Europe and Asia. A second season is in the works!

Untold Arctic Wars is the first Finnish documentary series and the first Yle original series bought by The Walt Disney Company. The series will be seen on Disney’s National Geographic channel.  

This is our reward for many years of work and believing in what we do. The Walt Disney Company trusted our little northern production company and bought the series before it was even finished.

Teemu Hostikka, Executive producer and screenwriter

Most recently, a deal with iQIYI, a Chinese video platform with over 500 million monthly users, was announced.

The size of the Asian market is hard to fathom from our northern perspective. iQIYI’s 500 million subscribers watch over 6 billion hours of content in a month.

Teemu Hostikka, Executive producer and screenwriter

Actor Peter Franzén, who narrates the series and sits in the NTRNZ media board of directors, was not surprised to hear about the big international deals.

The team behind the series is unbelievable. They have gone through a staggering amount of information and material. They have created international level engagement and dramaturgy that pulls the viewer in. No wonder the series has got valuable and well earned international attention.

Peter Franzén, actor and narrator

Untold Arctic Wars aired in Finland on Yle’s Channel 1 and Areena streaming service in February 2022. The series airs in Sweden, Norway and Denmark during the spring and summer of 2022. It is internationally distributed by TVF International.

I have seen the screeners of episodes 1- 4 and I'm really moved and impressed! Brilliant storytelling,
great look and very interesting new facts, field research etc. The series really stands out from most in the WW2 genre. Spot on for online binge-watching.

Mats Lundlab, producer, SVT

Second season in the works

The series’ positive reception has speeded up the preparations for a second season. The Arctic areas and their history are more topical now than ever. 

The new season will be carried out with the same team. We’ll continue to deal with the history of the Arctic areas, but I’m not revealing more at this point. We’re hoping to start filming in 2022.

Teemu Hostikka, Executive producer and screenwriter