The series is also a two-time 2023 Kultainen Venla Award finalist

The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation has awarded NTRNZ media’s Uskomattomat ympäristörikokset (Unbelievable Environmental Crimes) documentary series with the Ympäristöavaus (Environmental opening) award. The award was presented at the Association for Nature Conservation’s celebratory seminar on Friday, December 15.


The four-part documentary series produced for the MTV3 channel reveals, through four environmental crimes, a phenomenon that affects the whole of Finland. Companies, often with multiple problems, systematically seek financial gain through environmentally destructive means. In the series, several top experts from institutions including the National Bureau of Investigation and the Finnish Environmental Institute shed light on the crimes.


The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation’s grounds for the award:

"Environmental crime is a form of crime that, despite its prevalence, often goes hidden and unnoticed. It is therefore commendable that Oulu-based NTRNZ media has tackled the issue through a documentary programme. The series "Uskomattomat ympäristörikokset" on MTV3 has dealt with the subject in a factual, diverse and visually interesting way."

The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation

The series is written by NTRNZ media founder and Executive creative producer Teemu Hostikka and crime journalist Heidi Holmavuo, who are finalists for the 2023 Kultainen Venla Award as the series’ screenwriters. Uskomattomat ympäristörikokset is also a Kultainen Venla finalist in the category of Factual and Documentary Series.


– I would like to thank the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation for this important recognition. When you look at the previous winners, you realise that we are in really tough company. This award confirms my belief that quality entertainment content has a social impact. It is also important that those of us who have a voice use it responsibly and stand up for the defenceless,” says Teemu Hostikka.


Uskomattomat ympäristörikokset was released on the MTV3 channel and Katsomo streaming service in August 2023.

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